Audit and Business Assurance


“We partner with your clients towards sustaining their corporate socio-economic mission, business objectives and good corporate governance practices.”



•    Statutory Audit for Public and Private Corporations
•    Due Diligence and Acquisition Audit
•    Special Agreed-Upon Procedures and Processes
•    Operational and Compliance Audit


Local companies must be equipped to compete globally, maintain the client’s trust and promote investor confidence. Good corporate governance manifested in financial statement audit reports helps projects good image of the company. Your company will learn to adopt a culture of transparency, integrity and accountability.


Diaz Murillo Dalupan and Company can provide clients with a wide range of audit services. Our broad scope of industry experience in general, and an in-depth knowledge of the client’s own business in particular, are invaluable assets when future plans have to be formulated in the volatile business environment.


Our audit approach is sufficiently flexible to respond to each individual client’s specification circumstances. For DMD and Co. to form an objective opinion on the accuracy of financial statements under examination, the adequacy of the client’s of the client’s internal control structures are assessed in detail by the Firm’s competent audit professionals. The audit process is not limited to the finalization of a formal report: evaluation and recommendations for improving operational efficiency and controls are made to management whenever appropriate.


The Firm is kept fully abreast of all the evolving changes in the international audit environment with streamlining of the profession and the worldwide promulgation of the International Auditing Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).