The Celebrations were simple but memorable; they began on May 22, 2013, with a thanksgiving to the Lord in a Eucharistic mass offered at the multipurpose hall (5th floor) of the Head office of DMD & Co. at Makati City.


The mass was presided by Rev. Fr. Roel dela Cruz SSS. Bro. Luis Diaz as the lector introduced the celebrations “with a bit of history”. We quote his comments.



Flash back to the year 2012 the 53rd anniversary on May 25, we began that day with a fun run at the Mall of Asia area with about 300 runners, then a lunch get together at the Esplanade, where we had that group picture of partners and associates in our dynamic sports outfits and the celebrations after lunch, games, speeches and awards giving etc..


The religious celebration, however, was held on August 23, 2012 with a Eucharistic celebration for twin events, thanksgiving for the 53rd anniversary of DMD & Co. and the celebration of life @ 90 for Bro. Luis; when I invited then Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle in March 2012 to be the presider at the mass, I also sent a contribution for the repair of Manila Cathedral. He acknowledged our donation, as former parishioners of the Archdiocese of Manila when the main offices of DMD & Co. were at the L. C. Diaz Union Building at the Anda Circle, just across the Manila Cathedral. However, we were informed that the Archbishop had to go to Rome for the Synod of Bishops. So we requested Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, through Fr. Gigi Yabut to preside at the mass. He accepted, so the Eucharistic celebration was held on August 23, 2012 with Fr. Gigi as co celebrant at the chapel of the Arzobispado de Manila at the Archbishop’s Palace in Intramuros.


Then in November 2012, Pope Benedict XVI held a consistory wherein he elevated to the College of Cardinals, nine Cardinals with Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle as the youngest among them.


Fast forward to February 28, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI  resigned as Pope and now lives in retirement as Pope Emeritus at Castel Gandolfo in the Alban hills of Italy.


A new Pope had to be elected and a conclave of Cardinals was held at the Sistine Chapel of the St Peter’s Basilica on March 12, 2013 at the fifth ballot at 7:00PM on March 13, in Rome the chimney of the Sistine chapel blew white smoke signaling that a new Pope has been elected, with the ringing of the bells af St Peter’s.


Two hours after, the 266th Pope was presented at the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, with the words “Habemus Papam” Cardinal Mario Bergolio of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires Argentina who assumed the name Francis – after St. Francis of Assissi.


He holds many firsts as Pope, the first Jesuit Pope, the first Pope from South America where 40% of Catholics, come from, the first named Francis, the first Jesuit Pope who lives the lifestyle of a Franciscan OFM, – simple, humble who bowed before the multitude gathered at St. Peter Piazza that beautiful evening and asked, that he be blessed by the multitude and for all Christians to pray for him.


Today May 22nd 2013, as we celebrate the 54th anniversary of DMD & Co. we have invited Rev. Father Roel dela Cruz a Priest of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (SSS.) an alumnus of Diaz Murillo Dalupan & Co. CPA’s to be the celebrant at this anniversary mass where he also began as a professional CPA. Incidentally, in December 2012, the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the canonization of their Founder, St. Peter Julian Eymard; - we will invoke his intercession during our Eucharistic Celebration, so let us begin the mass, by welcoming Rev. Fr. Roel and singing our opening hymn.




During the liturgy of the word – the celebrant read the Gospel according to Mark, wherein John reported to Jesus that a man used his name to expel demons – they tried to stop him – because he is not one of their company but Jesus kindly replied, “do not try to stop him – anyone who is not against us is with us”.


During Fr. Roel’s beautiful and incisive homily he also invoked the reading according to Sirach – “on wisdom” the holy fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.


Segments of Fr. Roel’s homily relate to the challenges to DMD & Co. for, Perseverance, Integrity, Competence, Charity and Service; are published in separate section of this story.



After the mass we all had a spirited singing of Happy Birthday to DMD. Then the 54th birthday cake donated by Chair Emeritus Bro. Luis was displayed with lighted candles, which were traditionally blown happily by Chair Reynaldo S. Altre and Deputy M. P. Roberto Villanueva. A simple merienda was served at the 7th and 8th floors and group pictures were taken in a historical photo display – shown in the pictorial section of this special issue of the Balita.




The second part of the anniversary celebrations were held on March 24 and 25 at the Graceland Estates Country Club and Hotel at Tayabas City; a four hour travel by five buses full of Partners, managers, associates and colleagues, from the Makati Headquarters to the mountainous region of Tayabas, where at the Poblacion a four centuries old and historic church is located declared by the Vatican in 1929, as a Basilica Minore dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel.


When the 237 celebrants arrived about late morning, at Graceland after a brief period of ablutions, they congregated in the Pavilion where the activities will be held.


The Pavilion with its covered extension area and a basement were filled with round tables, chairs and buffet food displays


Music was being played by a sound system and the congregations in their blue sport shirts started to fill the area.

Lines to the buffet tables were busy for the lunch session Groups of boys and girls occupied the round tables, buzzing conversations while taking their lunch and cold drinks. (see pictorial section)


Bro. Luis informed the program MC that he would have his message billed in the program at 7:00PM, to a gathering after lunch to be held at the Pavilion, after the lunch tables have been cleared – and plain plastic chairs will be arranged audience style to accommodate the congregation.


The program was announced by Mr. Popoy to inform the congregation that I preferred to perform my participation after lunch – and before the scheduled photo shoots in the afternoon.


The MC welcomed them and asked them to stand up by groups to be identified,

A musical number was performed by Ms. Apat, Mr. Ryan as guitar accompanist and Mr. Jernel Ubaldo as a box drummer.


Then came my turn to say my piece, by way of introduction, I addressed the audience, “men and women in blue, Greetings! You may be wearing blue but I am sure you are not in blue mood. I see you all with your happy faces and festive spirit. Do you agree?” Yes!! Was the overall response.


If some feel sleepy after your heavy lunch, let’s all stand up! Then do a little jumping, which they did, now take your seats, and I started my brief message.


“Dear Partners, esteemed associates and colleagues. Happy 54th anniversary to all of you!”


My remarks were intended to lift up their spirits, to challenge them to be proactive and militant, for the partners and associates will be the force that will make the mission and vision for DMD & Co. to be No. 1 in the next six years to happen!

(For the complete message of Chair Emeritus Luis C. Diaz please refer to a separate section of this special issue of the Balita) At the end of my message I asked everyone to stand up and join me in a toast – “Lift your glasses, To God be the glory, God bless you all, Mabuhay ang Diaz Murillo Dalupan & Co. Salamat sa Diyos, Salamat sa inyong lahat!”


There was clapping and cheering – and sensing that there may be others who wish to say his or her message, to react to my challenge, I decided to call on some of the partners, managers and associates to say their piece, in the language of their province or district of the country. Then we saw how rich is the Filipino language! and how spirited each can be in making their remarks.


Bro. Luis called and each one responded.


Cebu MP Rowie Evacitas in Cebuano.


Deputy MP Robert Villanueva in Ilocano.


Partner Jovy Banda in Pangalatok, Pangasinan.


Guest Arnold Romero in Bicolano.


Deputy of Cebu Llod Tan in Chinese Taipeh.


Director Noli Alvarez in Tagalog – Novo Ecijano.


Past Chair Art Dalupan in Panpango.


Human Resource Manager Popoy Villavito in Zamboanga Chabacano.


Partner Rose de Mesa in Tagalog Manileno.


Director Regie Neri in Pure Tagalog.


Manager Noel Ponce in Tagalog Bulakeno

And an associate – brother Bin Jadid Macataar from Muslim Mindanao who spoke in Marawi – greeted all of us Salaam Alaykum and we all responded Alaykum Salaam.


All the speakers expressed their active acceptance to the challenge to be No. 1.


God bless them all!

Then Bro. Luis, sang briefly – a estofa of “Dahil sa Iyo” – while everyone responded with singing Happy 54th Birthday Diaz Murillo Dalupan!

The photo shoot was then held fronting the Pavilion and across the manmade lake with everyone grouped in the three story balconies and the ground area of the Hotel building.

A hot afternoon all were perspiring!