DMD and Company CPAs 56th Anniversary 2015

The year 2012 was the 53rd year of DMD and Co. CPAs. The Philippine economy was shown to be one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. HSBC cited the Philippines as the economy to watch, predicting that by 2050, the Philippines would be the “16th Largest Economy in the World.” Affirming this encouraging development, in June 2012, President Benigno Aquino III announced that the Philippines was responding to the request of the IMF, for assistance to the European Union’s (EU) troubled  countries; revealed that the Philippines will lend US $ 1 billion, sourced from the country’s international reserve, to the IMF for use in the bailout of some of the member’s distressed economies. Another report entitled “Philippines the Rising Star,” in July 2012 by Barclay’s – said that the Philippines is seen to bag its investment rating in its history, in the next 12 to 18 months, as solid fundamentals continue to work in its favor.


What is DMD’S Secret of Success in its 53 Years of Operation? 

Our reply to this question was, there is no secret formula. Our philosophy of a sustainable future is – First, to plan in accordance with the Lord’s will for us, then build on the past, live in the present with an objective for a better future. “Hence, in our 53rd year, we acclaimed, we are now moving with great expectations to our 55th year in 2014.”


However, as always, man plans but God disposes. This is true not only for our organization but for countries as well, where God reigns.


The Year 2014, a Calamitous Year 

 There was a sudden downturn in the year 2014, with calamitous consequences, not only for the Philippines, but for the whole world.

A letter to the editor of PDI mentioned the chain of events that proved to be serious calamities in the Philippines and the whole world. She wrote, the year 2014 was a year of “cancerous tumors,” using a synonym for the deadly calamities of 2014. The Philippines was hit by unprecedented calamities brought by destructive earthquakes and typhoons never experienced before in the world. Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013, killed thousands of people in Leyte and washed away many communities along the coasts through typhoon surges, bringing with them whole families to their doom never to be found, or if found, cannot be identified and had to be dumped in common graves to rot. God forbid from happening again! 

She further noted that she had never experienced the demise of many friends in her whole life. In our Firm, we suddenly lost two pillars of our organization. We mourned for them and we entrusted them to the Loving Lord of Mercy! 

In the world, the origin of the deadly Ebola Virus killed thousands in Africa and were experienced in a number of countries – a vaccine to combat the disease could not be found. The killings by the deadly terrorists, ISIS who beheaded innocent hostages, if not granted their impossible demands. In our country, the ruthless motorcyclists in tandem, would kill in cold blood their unknowing targets. The war in the Middle East and in various parts of the world, in Ukraine and in Russia, killing thousands of non-combatants.

Us in the Philippines, the only Catholic country in Asia, we accepted these unexplainable debacles as God gives challenges to test our faith and the love of the Lord!

In our Firm, we downgraded our Christmas celebrations in 2014, praying for peace and recovery for the country and the world at large, in 2015.


Pope Francis’ Visit 

When we received word of the coming visit of Pope Francis on January 15-19, with his message of Mercy and Compassion, we exalted and prepared our best to welcome him. In his five day visit, thousands of the faithful Catholics and non-Catholics embraced him in their hearts and minds. Just to see him and receive his saintly blessings was enough to be calm and endure the pain of the debacles of 2014. God Bless Him.


We had great hopes in 2015, for our Firm and for the country – good plans for recovery and greater development for our Firm and the Philippines. But then before January 2015 ended, on January 25, another unexpected debacle hits the country in Maguindanao, at Mamasapano, killing 44 elite PNP preservers of peace for our country. We mourned for their loss, which placed in danger the peace process that for the past 17 years our government has been working for. It placed in doubt the leadership of our President, who because of lack of faith and trust between the executive and the military and between the police contingent and the Armed Forces, again would hamper the attainment of peace in the country which would contribute to national and regional development.

We in Diaz Murillo Dalupan will do our best to protect and establish safety nets for our professional activities. We would have faith in God’s love and care. For He promised us – that He will not allow trials that we will not be able to surmount, for he will give us the graces to enable the country and our people to move on.

God bless our Firm and our country. To God be all the glory.