Are you ready for the tax amnesty and other tax reform proposals of the government? If not, join us in this half day event as we explore & dig into the most relevant and recent updates on tax amnesty & other tax reform proposals and initiatives. In this half-day accredited tax event, we will cover the following areas of concerns:


  • A revisit of previous tax amnesty programs of the government: A failure or success?
  • Updates on the initiative of the government on tax amnesty
  • How to avail and what are the documentary requirements?
  • Effects of tax amnesty to taxpayer’s availing: An analysis on the pros and cons
  • What are the mechanics for the implementation and availment?


  • Where are we now on tax reform proposals? Keeping track on the Department of Finance promises & commitments?
  • A quick analysis and updates on the ongoing deliberations on the remaining tax reform packages
  • How can these tax reform proposals affect me as an individual and ordinary taxpayer?
  • A revisit of the effects and related consequences of the enactment of TRAIN Law as the 1st Tax Reform Package
  • Did we benefit from it or impending tax reform proposals are just losing propositions?
  • A quick glance on the remaining tax reform proposals and initiatives currently deliberated in Congress and Senate
Area Date/Time Venue
Makati January 29, 2019 Makati Sports Club
Quezon City January 31, 2019 Microtel, UP Technohub
Cebu January 25, 2019 City Sports Club, Cebu City
Davao January 23, 2019 The Pinnacle Hotel, Davao City